How To Learn SEO In Three Easy Steps

Did you know that it is possible to use very simple strategies that will allow you to rank your website at the top of the search engine listings? Back when search engine optimization began 10 years ago or more, it was a very simple process. Today, it is still easy to get top rankings but you have to know how to choose the right strategies. On-site and off-site optimization can be done using the following three easy steps that will get you to either the first page, or the number one listing, for your most profitable keywords.

Step #1 – Use Unique Content

If someone else is using the same content as another person, the odds of them ranking higher than this person are very slim. However, if you write unique content, and use proper grammar plus your targeted keywords, you can often now rank people that are trying to sell the same types of products that you are.

Step #2 – Use Embedded Videos

The second step of the process is to use embedded videos that you either create on your own, or you can use someone else’s. You will simply want to take the code that is provided, something that is very easy to find if you are choosing a YouTube video, and placed this on every page that you post. Videos already rank very quickly on the search engines, and by placing relevant ones on each page that you have, you are increasing your odds of achieving top rankings.

Step #3 – Build Backlinks

The final step of the process is to build links on different Web 2.0 properties, all of which are pointing to your website. You need to target each individual page that you post using links that alternate between hyperlink text that is generic and your main keyword. Once you have a multitude of links on different websites including blogs, article directories, and even social media websites, you should have no problem at all out ranking your competition.  This is one of the essential teachings of Gotch SEO Academy and you should definitely use it as your main strategy.

These three simple steps can be performed in a matter of minutes, all of which can work together to help improve your rankings. If you would prefer, you can always find a search engine optimization specialist or company to do this for you, or you can simply use these three steps that you have just learned to implement your very own SEO campaign.

When Should Your Child Start Studying For The ACT

When you really stop to analyze the situation, the timetable as to when a high school student should begin to study for the ACT would favor beginning earlier, rather than later. Of course you have to figure in the factor of how prepared is the student to begin some of the areas, as they may have not been properly prepared in their classes yet, to overcome this you have the help of santa monica tutors.

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Most of the students who feel that they want to go on to college begin their ACT studying during the spring of their junior year, but as they look back, they wish that they had begun earlier.

ACT is an abbreviation for American College Testing and it is a standardized test that colleges use as a benchmark for admissions of prospective students. It measures what a student has learned in school, and consists of five different components of learning, English, Reading, Mathematics Science and an optional test for writing.

The test is multiple choice, with the exception of the writing test. Years ago, when the test came out, students really did not prepare for it, except to take it. Now, there are many programs that will help a student prepare for it in advance. There is obviously much merit for this, one being that by advance preparation, the student will be able to focus more on the areas that are specifically being emphasized, the question format will be more familiar, and the competition will be doing the preparation, so the student who does not prepare will be at a severe disadvantage.

Teacher teaching student in classroom

According to experts, the ideal time to begin studying for the ACT is a week or two after the sophomore year of high school ends. There are study courses, formal coaching and practice tests given by many concerns, and most of them are very worthwhile.

Consult with the high school counselor at your child’s high school and see what they suggest, as they will have had experience as to what study course have worked well in the past. The usual pattern is to study the material given in the course, and there is usually a study plan involved to keep everything organized.

Once the student has gone through the entire gamut of the five subjects, have the student take a full length, official practice test on a Saturday morning. This will acquaint the student with the format and the time of day the test is given.

The optimal goal is for the student to study and practice to take the ACT in the winter of their junior year of high school. In most cases, six months is enough time to study and take multiple practice tests, particularly if the student is working with a tutor.

The actual ACT test can then be taken in December or February of their junior year. The test can be retaken, but it is recommended that it not be retaken more than three times. Most students who have organized study and practice do well and move right onto spending the rest of their time getting ready for other college preparation activities.